James David Kingsley

I'm a restless, creative soul exploding with ideas, but lacking the skills, the confidence, or the time remaining in my life to realize even a few of them.

Film. It's been a passion for most of my life. I made some pretty decent student films in high school and college. But having been born on the "wrong" end of the continent, and too much of a coward to leave home, I'm left with only dreams and visions.

Prose. My writing is OK. My ideas are OK. But I'm not sure if either are quite good enough yet to get me where I'd need to be in order to publish anything worthwhile.

Music. My head swims with music almost constantly. Yet I cannot play an instrument, in spite of attempts to learn, and the ability to read music has completely eluded me. I may be on the verge of a minor breakthrough, thanks to new software, but it's still a prolonged, tedious struggle to realize what I hear in my head.

In the hopes I may some day find the wherewithal to actually produce something tangible, I've created a commercial identity: Talented Amateur.